ProDev Group Holdings is a company engaged in value creation businesses along the maize supply chain. It has two subsidiary companies. One, Minimex Ltd., is the largest manufacturer of branded maize meal in Rwanda, a manufacturer of grits, for the brewing industry, and bran, used in the formulation of animal feed.

The other, ProDev Rwanda, is involved in the handling, drying and storage of maize. The partnership with Fanisi will provide the impetus required to continuously improve the maize value chain, which is expected to make a positive contribution to Rwanda's agriculture, the health of the population, and its economic development.

The last 16 months have been favorable for ProDev as the company has expanded its reach, strengthened its business and captured the attention of Fanisi in the process. The funding will also pave the way for the scaling of ProDev's business across Rwanda and the region, as well as initiate a programme for the fortification of its branded maize meal to create a more nutritious product. Both regional growth and development impact are core mandates of Fanisi Capital.


Fanisi invested in the Nairobi-based private education provider Hillcrest International Schools, a British Curriculum Early Years, Preparatory and Secondary School.

Fanisi backed the deal because it expects to see strong growth in the East Africa education sector, evidenced through a growing middle class. Hillcrest intends to be the leading academic centre across East Africa providing a global education to discerning parents who expect their children to become globally competitive.

The funds have been invested in infrastructure such as sports and music facilities that will transform Hillcrest into a world class academic and cultural focal point.


Sophar Limited is one of the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in Rwanda. Created in 2008 by Leon Fundira, the company has shown phenomenal growth right from inception.

Sophar's core business involves the importation and marketing of branded pharmaceutical drugs within the Rwanda market. With a unique semi-cooperative structure and successful business model - shareholders are the main customers - the company is set on the path of faster growth in product range, geographic reach and distribution capability.

For Fanisi Capital, the Sophar investment represents a key milestone, being the first investment we've made outside Kenya. Achieved through through a mix of equity and debt, the funding will be used to build a WHO-certified warehouse in Kigali, significantly expand the company product range from 900 to 3000 products within a few years, set up distribution centers for enhanced access and improve supply chain.


Haltons Limited is a retail pharmacy chain marketing prescription and non-prescription pharmaceutical products. The company has retail outlets located mostly in high traffic residential estates and within the Nairobi central business district.

Fanisi sees strong growth in the healthcare sector in Kenya driven by an increasing urban middle income population and has backed Haltons to expand in the sector. The founder and Managing Director, Dr. Louis Machogu has experience in running and turning around pharmacies focused on urban residential markets.

The funding will be used to open new Haltons outlets in more residential areas in Nairobi and other towns in Kenya.


Kijenge is a diversified agro-processing company based in Arusha, Tanzania engaged in maize milling, animal feed production and poultry (broiler) farming and processing. The company is in the process of building a foundation for its next growth phase that will see it grow and diversify its revenues by upgrading its current production infrastructure and by introducing new production lines. Fanisi will play an integral role in the company’s next growth phase and will provide growth capital for a significant minority stake in Kijenge.

Fanisi will play an integral role in the company’s next growth phase and will provide growth capital for a significant minority stake in Kijenge.


Fanisi Capital Limited has invested an undisclosed amount for a significant minority stake in Live Ad Limited, an outdoor advertising firm, making its first in the industry. The backing by Fanisi Capital, will enable Live Ad Limited to expand and increase its presence across Kenya. According to Live Ad CEO James Maina, this will enable the firm to aggressively grow the number of billboards it owns over the next four years, in addition to establishing and growing its new towns in the country. At the moment, Live Ad has over 200 billboards in Nairobi and other towns across Kenya.

This is Fanisi’s first foray into the outdoor advertising space. The sector is expected to follow a high growth trajectory, as more businesses set up in the region.


European Foods Africa Limited is a local medium sized enterprise involved in the cold chain frozen foods distribution and value addition business. The company distributes its products, which include quality pizzas, whole berries and fresh berry beverages that appeal to the health conscious consumer, to a wide client base that includes supermarkets, grocery stores and restaurants in Nairobi and Mombasa.With the combined population of the East African Community expected to hit 240 million people by 2019, EFAL intends to leverage this opportunity by increasing its product offering and widening its regional customer base.

Fanisi has already made significant inroads into the regional food processing sector to give it a strong footing in East Africa’s agriculture processing, retail and consumer space.


Ngare Narok Meat Industries Limited is a premier producer and supplier of prime meat cuts and a wide range of processed meat products. The company operates a modern abattoir, meat processing plant and rendering plant. The integrated production facility is located in Rumuruti in Laikipia County along a key livestock route and within a leading ranching region in Kenya with high quality livestock breeds.

Fanisi's investment has enabled the company to expand its production facilities and distribution network to serve the growing discerning consumer market.